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.NET Core MVC Application File Upload To Physical Location With Buffered Technique

Buffering Technique In File Upload: The server will use its Memory(RAM) or Disk Storage to save the files on receiving a file upload request from the client.  Usage of Memory(RAM) or Disk depends on the number of file requests and the size of the file.  Any single buffered file exceeding 64KB is moved from Memory to a temp file on disk.  If an application receives heavy traffic of uploading files there might be a chance of out of Disk or RAM memory which leads to crash application. So this Buffer technique used for small files uploading. In the following article, we create a sample for the file uploading using .NET Core MVC application. Create The .NET Core MVC Project: Let's create a .NET Core MVC project, here for this sample I'm using Visual Studio Code as below.   Check the link to use the Visual Studio Code for .NET Core Application . IFormFile: Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.IFormFile used for file upload with buffered technique. On uploading files f

Steps To Create, Run And Debug Dotnet Core Application In Visual Studio Code

Introduction: Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a lightweight editor that supports most of the programming languages. Dotnet Core can be run and debug using Visual Studio Code as we do in Visual Studio editor which is the recommended and famous editor for Dotnet Applications. Before starting anything, install the latest version of Dotnet Core SDK from the Microsoft DotnetCore website and also download the Visual Studio Code editor which is the free editor. C# for Visual Studio Code Extensions: In Visual Studio Code, we can get a lot of extensions plugins which makes development more easy and fast. Similarly to work with C# we need to install the VS Code extension of "C# for Visual Studio Code". Few features of this extension like: .NET Core lightweight development tool. Good C# editing support. Syntax Highlighting. Good Code Intellisense. Nice debugging support. Create A Dotnet Core Solution: In Visual Studio solution file automatically get cr