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Vuejs Application JSON To Excel Generation

In this article, we will explore JSON data to excel file generation in the Vuejs application. An Overview On vue-json-excel: The technique to download your JSON data as an excel file directly from the browser. The following are key options for the excel vue component. data: The array of data to be exported. fields:  Fields inside the JSON object that you want to export. If none provided, all properties in the JSON will be exported. type: Mime type[xls, csv]. name: Filename to export. header: Title(s) for the data. Can be a string(one title) or an array of string (multiple titles). footer: Footer(s) for the data. Can be a string(one footer) or an array of strings(multiple footers). default-value: Use as a fallback when the row has no field values. worksheet: Name of the worksheet tab. fetch: Callback to fetch data before download if it's set it runs immediately function after mouse pressed and before the download process(Note: Only works if no data prop is defined). before-generate: