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An Overview On Implementing Health Checks In .Net5 Application

In this article, we will discuss Healths Checks implementation in .Net5 application. Health Checks: To verify the state of an application .net provides health checks as a middleware configuration. Health check reports of an application can be accessed via an endpoint. Health check monitoring scenarios of an application like: Health check helps to verify the status of app dependencies like Database, External Service calls, to confirm they work normally. Memory and Disk Usage Monitoring. Advanced scenarios like monitoring application load balancers Create A Sample Web API App: Let's create a sample .Net5 Web API application and do some sample examples to understand the Health Checks. For development, an IDE can be chosen on our personal preference, but the most recommended are Visual Studio 2019(Version 16.8.* supports .Net5) or  Visual Studio Code . Initial Health Check Configurations: Initially, we need to register the 'AddHealthChecks' service and endpoint to view heal