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.Net5 Application Query Tracing Using MiniProfiler

In this article, we are going to explore the usage of MiniProfiler in the .Net5 application. MiniProfiler: MiniProfiler helps us to optimize the performance of our dotnet application. Its capabilities are like: Traces the queries and their execution in an application. It displays the time taken by each query. Able to determine the time taken to execute a block of code using customizing time. Provides UI report of an application per page or per request. It supports .NetFramework, .NetCore, .Net5, Dapper, EntityFrame, etc. Targets To Accomplish: MiniProfiler will work on any of the .Net Applications like MVC, RazorPages, WebAPI. To understand the usage of MiniProfiler, I'm going to use it in my existing .Net5 MVC application.  Here my MVC application structure is like this: My application contains 3 pages 'Home', 'Todo', 'Album'. My 'Home' page have 2 database call's, those calls are done by entity framework. My 'Todo' page has 1 database