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Over The Internet Share Locally Hosted .Net Core Application URL Using Ngrok App

ngrok: ngrok is an application that helps the developers to share their locally hosted applications (like .Net, Angular, Vue, Reactive, etc) over the internet. ngrok uses the tunneling concept of reverse proxy server that establishes a connection to locally running applications over the internet. Here to demonstrate the sharing of a locally hosted application we are going to create a sample .Net Core application that runs on localhost and will be shared its URL using ngrok app. Note: ngrok application exposes any local hosted application URL. So we can expose any applications like .Net Core, Angular, Vue, NodeJs, etc. .Net Core Web API Sample Application: Note: You can skip this section if you are exposing local url that is other than .Net Core application. Here I'm going to create a .Net Core Web API application, which runs locally using some local port. Then I'm going to expose the local URL over the internet to anyone using ngrok application. Let's create a sample a