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Angular Sample To Generate QR Code Using @techiediaries/ngx-qrcode

In this article, we are going to explore and implement a QR Code generator in the angular application using @techiediaries/ngx-qrcode library. QR Code: The quick response, or QR, Code is a two-dimensional version of the BarCode able to convey a wide variety of information almost instantly with the scan of a mobile device. An Overview On @techiediaries/ngrx-qrcode And It's Configurations: The @techiediaries/ngrx-qrcode is the angular library to generate a QR Code in an angular application. The 'NgxQRCodeModule' is QR Code angular module, that will be imported from the '@tehiediaries/ngrx-qrcode'. Using this library we can set up the QRCode generator angular component with basic configuration values. All the configurations are accepted as 'Input()' directive values of the QR Code component. Configuration input parameters are as follows: elementType - this input parameter is used to define the rendering type of QR Code whether like an Image or Canvas. cssClass